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Photography Explorer

Level: Ages 5-18
Estimated Duration: Full-year


Provider: DreamLink Learning

LMS: Launchpad

Mode: Online Teacher-supported

what you'll learn & create

Explore the world of photography and earn badges along the way: from the “Nature Badge” where you’ll take pictures of wildlife, to the “Time Travel Badge” where you’ll make a camera from 2000 years ago! This course, made for all ages and all camera types, introduces you to foundational elements of photography through hands-on projects that stretch your creativity and problem-solving skills.

  • Take photos you’re proud of using whatever type of camera you have

  • Practice lighting, composition, and problem solving while earning the following badges: Nature, Portrait, Color, Time Travel, Movement, Story, and Artist

system requirements

Any type of camera

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In Photography, my 10 year old daughter has quickly picked up on design elements explained and immediately applied them in her casual picture taking. She also further explored the modes and settings on our camera and is comfortable changing them now.”


I have always loved taking pictures with my camera. I have learned how to take pictures that look great!”

Sara, Utah

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