Elective Options for K-Age 22 Program

Families and students love the extensive variety of elective classes offered through Tech Trep Academy! Class fees or resource costs can come from the student’s TTA supplemental funds.

Custom Electives – Families are welcome to create their own custom elective classes according to student interest. Many families choose community resources for these electives, such as gymnastic, dance, music, or karate classes.

Virtual Clubs – Tech Trep Academy offers optional virtual teacher-led clubs that students in grades K-11 can participate in. Many students fulfill elective requirements while participating in these virtual clubs. The virtual clubs provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities, interact with peers in a positive and supervised setting, as well as pursue interests and develop skills. View a List of Virtual Clubs effective as of January 2021.

Tech Electives – There are also many fun tech electives available – see below.

TECHnology & EnTREPreneurship Electives