How It Works

A full-time, K-Age 22 personalized education program in Arizona

A full-time, K-Age 22 Arizona education program focused on providing parents the resources needed to create a personalized home-based education plan tailored to the unique needs of each child

Program Overview

Program Benefits

  • Parents choose curriculum and learning resources that work best for their child.
  • A program providing access to quality curriculum that maps to state standards.
  • Additional supplemental learning resources. Using ESA funds parents can order additional approved educational resources.
  • Unlimited access to experienced mentors and certified teachers is offered.
  • Find an extensive variety of elective class offerings to meet every child’s strengths and interests and custom-built options for additional flexibility.
  • There are optional virtual teacher-led classes.
  • Optional virtual clubs – Students socialize while pursuing hobbies of interest, such as crochet, cooking, Minecraft, Lego building, photography, programming, yoga, robotics, foreign language & ASL, 3D art, creative writing, and more!
  • Enjoy optional organized community field trips – zoos, museums, skiing, science shows, swimming, pumpkin patches, trampoline parks, and more!
  • There are also optional virtual field trips. Past events include viewing exotic reptiles, tea parties, book clubs, observe the atmosphere, meet the author, virtual tours of a TV station and Jamestown and more!
  • Participate in optional showcase activities – talent shows, science and history fairs, and entrepreneurial opportunities.
  • Families are invited to participate in regular optional activities each year.

Program Requirements

  • The program is for Arizona students K-22. Students must be residents of Arizona and at least 5 years of age as of September 1st of the application year.
  • All learning plans, submissions, and attendance are optional. Families will only submit those if they want the records or feedback for their students from their homeroom teacher.

Program Benefits for Students Ages 5‑22

Students in Grade K ‑ Age 22

  • Access to industry-leading, age-appropriate curriculum for Reading / Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies
  • Dedicated support from certified teachers
  • Wide range of choices for fun, hands-on electives – Students can participate in circuitry, 3D animation, Minecraft coding, engineering, music, gymnastics, karate, and so much more! Create custom elective classes catering to student interests and strengths or take a tech elective course
  • Optional Virtual Clubs – Students build friendships and enjoy social interaction while engaging in hobbies they enjoy such as crochet, yoga, 3D art, robotics, music, foreign language & ASL
  • Additional supplemental learning resources through direct order

How to access supplemental learning resources:

Tech Trep Direct Order

Student ESA funds are used to join the TTA program. Courses and other learning resources are paid for and shipped directly to the student by Tech Trep Academy. Using TTA supplemental funds parents can select the best resources for their child’s learning. These resources may include curriculum, internet, technology items, lessons, in-person classes, supplies, extracurricular activities and SO MUCH MORE! See FAQs for more details.

Field Trips & Community Events

Activities and Events

Tech Trep Academy provides many learning and entertainment opportunities for students.

Optional in-person and virtual field trips are organized each month in Arizona and families are invited to participate in any they choose. A few of the fun activities families have enjoyed include indoor rock climbing, museums, zoos, online tea parties and book clubs, exotic reptile show, trampoline parks, fantastic science shows, skiing, and meeting authors.

Students have the opportunity to participate in optional talent shows, spelling bees, science and history fairs, entrepreneurial opportunities, job fairs, and MORE! Families are regularly invited to participate in many activities each year.

Parent Support Groups

Nationally, Tech Trep Academy has thousands of like-minded parents, students, teachers, administrators, and staff. The number of parents choosing a home-based, distance education program for their child continues to grow and the Tech Trep Academy community loves helping others embarking on this journey.

Families are provided with homeroom teachers who assist families with meeting program requirements and offer optional support according to the family’s desires. These teachers are just a phone call or email away. 

Through social media and in-person gatherings, parents can connect easily with others and find local groups and activities to join.

We are here to support in any way we can as you provide a personalized exceptional education for your child at home.

Showcase Activities


We love to celebrate great student work. Students have optional opportunities to share what they have learned in the program.

Talents are shared as students learn new skills. Entrepreneurial booths and the Tech Trep Academy Marketplace on Facebook provide students the chance to share their businesses and sell products.

Enrollment Steps


  • Parents submit an application for each child in the Tech Trep Academy InfoCenter.
  • Once accepted, parents submit a complete enrollment packet in InfoCenter. The parent will also provide proof of residence, birth certificate, and signed ESA contract.
  • Both student and parent need an active email account (see video for help with younger children).
  • After the packet is approved, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your student is fully enrolled.
  • You will be able to access Parent Link and Announcements in InfoCenter for additional information.
  • If you have questions about the process, please reach out to ar[email protected] for help and support in enrollment.

Personalized Educational Programs Work!

Parents Know Best

We invite parents to research curriculum and learning resources to determine what’s best for each child, based on their unique needs and interests, and then submit a proposed year-long personalized education plan for review and approval.

Parents can also choose to meet with curriculum specialists to receive help in selecting the learning resources that will work best for their child.

Students Thrive

Once students experience a truly personalized learning environment, they never want to go back to a one-size-fits-all approach.

Success Continues

We hear amazing stories from parents whose children have continued their success as adults.

From earning college scholarships to starting businesses to pursing a passion-centered career, we are proud of the students who participate in our program.

Parents and students love the personalized flexible education Tech Trep Academy has to offer. Read what they have to say here.

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